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$67 / month
$804 /yr billed yearly
($80 /mo billed monthly)
  • Modeling Matrix™
  • Trade Design Assistant™
  • Realtime quotes (via broker)
  • Profit & Loss tracking & graphs
  • Adjustment Assistant™
  • Trading journal
  • more…

$97 / month
$1164 /yr billed yearly
($116 /mo billed monthly)
All Basic plus
  • Dynamic Limit Orders™
  • Automatic alerts (3-5 min lag)
  • General purpose trading plans
  • Streaming Portfolio Monitor™
  • Portfolio performance reports
  • Strategy Selection Assistant™
  • more…

$117 / month
$1404 /yr billed yearly
($140 /mo billed monthly)
All Standard plus
  • Trade Snapshots™
  • Personal trading plans
  • Fire Drill Assistant™ *
  • Advanced performance reports
  • Automatic alerts (real-time)*
  • Beta weighting*
  • more…

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we offer a huge choice of options to help you be a more efficient, more successful trader.

Basic Standard Premium
Planning and Analyzing
Trade Design Assistant™
Profit and Loss Graphs
Modeling Matrix™
Time and IV modeling
Strategy Selection Assistant™
Expertly curated trading plans**
General purpose trading plans
Custom personal trading plans
Trading and Execution
Real-time quotes via broker
TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Tradier ordering
TD Ameritrade import
Adjustment Assistant™
Automatic closing order setup
Dynamic Limit Orders™
Monitoring and Managing
Tracking of PnL after adjustment
Manual Alerts (3-5 min)
Alerts by email or text message
Automatic calculation of goals
Real-time quotes via broker
Portfolio at-a-glance dashboard
Streaming Portfolio Monitor™
Automatic Alerts (3-5 min)
Automatic Alerts (realtime)*
Fire Drill Assistant™*
Beta weighting*
Reporting and Learning
Trade history
Basic reports
Trading journal
Portfolio performance calculations
Portfolio allocation calculations*
Trade Snapshots™
Advanced Performance Reporting
Trade Data Export
Graphical Reporting

* Coming soon.

** Offered by our education partners for additional monthly fees.

Curated Trading Plansdesigned by traders and options mentors who have years of experience

Expertly curated trading plans are offered by our education partners for additional monthly fees. They are trading plans that are designed by experienced traders and options mentors who have years of experience successfully trading options for regular weekly income; you can follow along and trade the same strategies with just a few clicks.

  • Each plan includes specifications for trade setup and management so you can just follow the plan which means you can be more successful with less stress.
  • The Option Trader’s Assistant automatically sets up trades based on the trading plan specifications so you can manage your trades in just a few clicks which means that you will have more time to spend on other things.
  • Trading plans are frequently optimized for current market conditions so you can trade with the market not against it, which means no more trading the right strategy in the wrong market.
  • You will see automatically-calculated P & L targets so you will know exactly when to take profits or cut losses which means you can have a higher probability of success.
  • It even shows you when to adjust and how to adjust so you will know exactly what to do at every step, which means you will be more likely to avoid costly mistakes.

Some curated plan packages include self-assessment tests that measure your comprehension of the class material, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of the training presented which means you will be certain you are investing wisely.

Any claims made by education partners about their plans are solely their own, and do not represent an endorsement or guarantee by Option Trader’s Assistant. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.