For advanced novices, mentored students, and experienced traders

The Option Trader’s Assistant is a tool to help you be a more efficient, more successful trader.

This tool automates many of the routine tasks involved in setting up and following a trading plan, and is designed to help reduce or eliminate costly mistakes. It can save regular, frequent traders a considerable amount of time in setting up and managing repetitive trades week after week.

The tool allows account holders to setup trading plans, view and analyze specific trades (including their Profit and Loss graphs), place orders to open, adjust and close trades, monitor trades and keep a trading diary.


  • Helps you implement the Four-Step Risk Management Plan
  • You can plan, execute and manage your trades in a fraction of the time
  • You can avoid costly mistakes
  • Potentially make weekly and monthly income by following your plans
  • Strike prices and expiration dates to trade are calculated automatically – adjustments too!
  • Automatically sets alerts, and informs you when action is required
  • Accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone