What’s in a Name?

The team here at MyNewsPublisher have been working with community newspapers for many years, and we can’t help but notice how many papers are “Democrats”, “Republicans” and “Independents”. There are 3 “Democrats” in NY; 5 “Republicans” and 7 “Independents”. In Tennessee there are 4 “Independents” but only 2 “Democrats” and no “Republicans”. In Iowa there are 6 “Republicans”, 7 “democrats” and 3 “Independents”. In our rather informal study we never did come across a combo of all three. We resisted the urge to create a Cabot Cove Independent Democrat-Republican as our demo site but instead came up with the Cabot Cove Courier. Our purpose in this article was not to try and figure out any correlation between the names of papers and the political leaning of a given state but mostly to let our own people all gain first hand knowledge of just how easy the MyNewsPublisher back end is to use. (It is!)